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A Permanent Solution

  •   Made of Durable Titanium
  •   Anchors To Your Jaw – Like Your Own Teeth
  •   Designed To Last A Lifetime

Oral Health Advantage

  •   Reduces Stress On Remaining Teeth
  •   Helps Prevent Bone Loss
  •   Keeps Teeth From Shifting & Drifting

Flexible Payment Options

  •   All PPO Dental Insurance Accepted
  •   Financing Options Available
  •   In House Payment Plans

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Why Choose Summit For Dental Implants?

Same Day Dental Implants  There is no need to wait for new teeth, once you have had your initial consultation and you come in on that magic day for your procedure you will be leaving with a new set of teeth. These teeth will look, feel and work just like your own natural teeth; they are temporary because your mouth will need to heal before the permanent teeth can be completed in several weeks but It’s time to Smile Big Again!

Patient Care Summit Dental Center has been serving Houston patients for over 20 years. We have 7 locations in Houston and all cosmetic procedures like implants are done at 4 of our locations.

Consultation and Treatment You initial consultation will include a full exam and evaluation for implants. We will take x-rays and then discuss with you a full treatment plan including costs. Your surgery and follow-up appointments will be with the same prosthodontist to ensure the best patient care. Your dental implants will then be crafted in our own lab (many dentist’s must send them out) by technicians experienced in the manufacture of implants. We do this to ensure the right fit and the quality of the implant every time.

How Much Do Dental Implants CostDental implants vary in cost depending on the patient’s needs. The typical cost for a single dental implant is $2800 to $3200. There may be other costs involved with Dental Implants like Bone Grafting or other procedures depending on each patient’s needs.

Insurance, Financing & Payment Plans Many insurances cover dental implants or at least a portion of the costs. We will work with your insurer to determine coverage’s and provide you with out-of-pocket costs, if any. For patients needing financing, we have lenders that offer no credit check financing with easy monthly payments and we provide in-house payment plans.

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The Dental Implant Procedure 


  •  Step 1. The damaged tooth is extracted (if tooth present). The implant is then placed into the gum
  • Step 2. The gum is allowed to heal over several weeks to ensure that the implant is solidly in place.
  • Step 3. The custom abutment is then created to fit on the implant and naturally to adjacent teeth.
  • Step 4. The new custom crown (the tooth) is attached to the abutment. You have a permanent implant.    


All on 4All on 4 Procedure

If you need a complete set of teeth we are experts in the All On 4 Procedure. This procedure is for replacing an entire set of teeth. Learn More

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